Shutter Door

Key Feautures

Roll-up doors also known as Shutter Doors, provide security and weather protection within exterior or interior walls using guides and slats that coil above the opening. Commonly used in industrial, institutional, commercial and other buildings.



Operates simply by lifting the handle in the middle portion of the door or on the bottom bar by means of helical torsion which are designed according to its weight and size.


Automatically opens and closes the door thru a motor. It can be operated manually in case of power failure. For maximum security a remote control enables the user to operate the roll-up as far as 25 meters.

C-Type Galvanized Leaf

Completely close any openings thus providing maximum protection against weather and external forces.

Polycarbonate Leaf

Typically use in malls because of its aesthetic design this type of leaf provides security and visibility.

Aluminum Grilles

Provides security, maximum visibility and full ventillation at all times.